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Gambling your way to professional gambler or simply learning the rules and strategies

Casinos have always been a world of fantasy and entertainment. The modern casinos that we can enjoy today have their roots in old society’s entertainment places in the 1700th century. They have always offered a place where people can meet and find other peers to talk to, have a drink or gamble. Many countries have strict laws for casinos and gambling has become an activity reserved for those who meet certain requirements, age being the most common. There are people who gamble for fun and those who are looking at it as a permanent source of income. This is due to the fact that in a casino you can find games of chance and games of skill. When a skill is involved there is the possibility of improving at it and becoming a professional gambler. About this topic, we can find hundreds of books and reviews.

Gambling books are very common among casino enthusiasts. They offer different viewpoints and paths towards the precious rewards a casino has to offer. Professional gamblers have decided to share their knowledge in and act as teachers for a new generation of casino players. This could raise some typical questions: How is it that so few people win? If there are books, why aren’t we all winners? Answers to these questions vary, but they do share a common element: reading a book does not equal following what the book says. Learners have to be committed to becoming professional gamblers to even start the path written in books. Some people think these books are a 100% easy way to money, and it is not the case.

Casino experts have written multiple books. There are some for those who have just entered the casino realm, there are other books for intermediate users and some more books for those who are playing for a long time. These can also be sorted by type of game, which are in general terms electronic or table games; there are plenty of books about poker, slots machines, video poker, bingo and more. When a person wants to go to a casino and have some fun they don’t need to read a book or study. However, if the goal of this person is to become a professional gambler, they need to start loving math and strategy, they need to start studying and using these books to increase their knowledge, performance, and earnings in the long run.

Gambling books can be described using the following simple categories:

Dice Games Books

Dice games may or may not explain the odds of the different bets in the crap table. Some authors have decided to focus on a specific part of the whole gambling with dice process, like Sam Grafstein in his book “The Dice Doctor”. He says that the book aims to give crapshooters an opportunity to play for keeps, to give their money a fair gamble. Dice books can help you become a successful player and understand the dynamics of the game. You can also learn how to put a stop to a bad session and play for the big profit. Dice games, specifically craps, offer the best way to actually make money according to author Dr. Tyler Blades in his book The Best Gambling Guide to Beating Casino Craps. With dice, there are no complicated systems to memorize and no large explanations and tables for the players.

Slot machines Books

Slot machines come in many different shapes and sizes. They usually have three reels although they can have more, and the classic lever has been replaced by a button. Most of the income of a casino comes from the use of Slot Machines. Therefore, there is plenty of literature trying to debunk their myths and understand their tricks. Many things have changed and the book section on Slot machines continues to grow at the speed of technology. Players have to be informed of how new machines work, what they offer and what has to be achieved in order to receive some winnings. For example, in The Slot Machine Answer Book, John Grochowski explains how casinos are now selling fun and entertainment with the help of a renovated concept of slot machines. Books on slots can help you understand the mechanics behind the machine screen and make sure you have fun and earning as well

Lottery Books

Playing the lottery does not have to be a matter of complete luck. It is not just about choosing 6 random numbers and hoping for the best. There is math behind it, there is probability, chance and of course there is fun to it. Lottery winners may not become millionaires from one day to another but they certainly know something that the rest of the players don’t. When buying books on how to gamble with lottery there is the search for some strategy and logic. Formulas exist and some authors devote their book pages to explain them, to show how they work and why they are relevant for the game. By reading these books and making informed decisions people can be successful in playing the lottery. Lottery tickets are “randomly” generated, but even the most sophisticated system cannot be 100% random. They used constantly changing formulas and books about lottery help the reader understand them so as to crack the system and have better chances of winning.

Casino Comps

Besides the traditional books about strategies and casino dynamics, there are also some books devoted to the perks of hanging around casinos gambling and having fun. Comps refer to complimentary items that the casino offers to those who stay and gamble. There are usually hosts and hostesses in charge of controlling who receives the comps. There are different levels and they are going to be awarded according to the type of game played and how much money is being gambled. Many casinos have changed the way comps are granted and if you want to know how to take advantage of them you better read one of these books now. They explore how to recognize the flaws and weak spots in a casino so as to be eligible for more bonuses, free meals, free drinks and more. Vacations in a casino can result in saving more money than the amount you went to spend in the first place.

Card Games Books

Card games are one of the most famous categories in Casino games. These are the ones that get most of the attention for T.V screens, movies, radio shows, and journals. The reason behind such fame is that card games require a lot of skill and diverse strategies, systems, and techniques. It is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of pure knowledge. This fact makes card players some sort of professional casino players.

Books are usually divided by the type of game they deal with. Card games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Faro, Red dot and Poker require some skill. You as the player have to make decisions. They are not as electronic games either, such as electronic poker. They require a certain skill and knowing how to play under pressure.

Different games, different books

Some books for beginners can attempt to cover many games at once but it is difficult to become an expert following those books. If your goal as a reader of gambling is to become an expert, it is better to look for books that specialize in one type of card game. This way you will have a deeper explanation and therefore understanding of the subject.

Authors that publish books that consider your odds to win are often mathematicians themselves. This is the case of Michael Shackleford, a mathematician and former actuary who wrote several books on the subject. He declared that he was fed up with all the charlatans that sold “systems” on the internet during the 2000’s, so he provided information on gambling math on his websites and started to gain recognition. The Websites The Wizard of Odds and The Wizard of Vegas gave him the necessary exposure to release Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino games. In this book, he concludes, after years of mathematical analysis, that the best way to lay a wager is always using math and betting on probable outcomes. Michael also reveals house edges on the many games he addresses just like he did in the 2000’s. This book is a great guide for the gambler and provides the underlying math principles on every Casino game imaginable.

Gambling Addiction Books

Finally, books that any gambler or even professional gambler should be aware of are books on addiction. If you don’t need these books for yourself to battle gambling addiction and problem gambling, then at least be aware of them such that you can pass on this information to others.