Backgammon: From Basic to Badass by Marc Brockmann Olsen

Backgammon from basics to badass bookBackgammon: From Basic to Badass by Marc Brockmann Olsen

Published: May 14 2015, 1s edition

ISBN-10: 1512200441

ISBN-13: 978-1512200447

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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Book Summary

Using a well established teaching structure, Marc Brockmann provides new theories and strategies in this innovative backgammon theory book. Here, Brockmann brings up “The Value Equation concept” for the first time, giving the readers insight from a true backgammon specialist. This book starts out with the very basics of Backgammon, but it then builds up to advanced level strategies, that turn out to be very useful and unique. Marc Olsen even comes to the lengths of laying out the examples of most positions in only one page. Then, diverse strategies are presented to the reader. Then the book advances further ahead and turns into a real strategy guide for upper intermediate and advanced players alike. This book is recommended for the players that want to succeed in competitive backgammon, even if these readers are just beginners.

This book ties beginner backgamonn theory, such as moves and responses, and combines them with new advanced strategies, like opening moves and responses; in advanced territory he move towards probability tables on jumping primes; this variety of difficulty levels is something unprecedented in Backgamonn literature. It can be very easy to understand, for beginners and bring something new for players with a lot more of experience. This book was published when the author was ranked first in the Danish Backgammon rating system and it is now owned by most of the players of this circle. We recommend you to buy it, even if you are just starting backgammon, you will surely learn one thing or two with this book on your hands.

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About the author Marc Brockmann Olsen

Marc Brockmann Olsen is an ex-football player graduated in economics. He is also one of the top backgammon theorists of the new generation. Inspired by the algorithms of the computer era backgammon, he conceived his own perspective of the game. His first book sold more than 1200 copies in the first years of publication.

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