Blackjack for Blood by Bryce Carlson

Blackjack for Blood book by Bryce CarlsonBlackjack for Blood The Card-Counter’s Bible, and Complete Winning Guide by Bryce Carlson.
Published: 1992, new edition 2018.
ISBN-10: 1944877045
ISBN-13: 978-1944877040
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Book Summary

With the help of professional players, Bryce Carlson built his blackjack career. Then he wrote Blackjack for Blood to let the rest of us thrive alongside him. His vision was built upon the foundations of various experts of this demanding game. These experts include: a player that studied the game in depth using computers, a veteran player who was also involved with casinos, and of course the many casino managers and personnel that Carlson met during his career. This book aims to educate the reader in the intricate arts of the twenty-one game. The author proposes extensive game strategies, advice on dealing with casino personnel and guidance on controlling emotions during matches, all of which seek to prepare the reader for a successful professional gambling career. Bryce Carlson emphasizes the practical aspect of the game, the lifestyle and real-life difficulties that he experienced for himself, making this a must-read for people seeking advice from real players with real accomplishments!


  • CHAPTER ONE – The Good Life
  • CHAPTER TWO – The Rules of the Game
  • Rules Variations
  • Player’s Advantage vs. Number of Decks
  • CHAPTER THREE – An Introduction to the Theory of Casino Twenty-One
  • CHAPTER FOUR – Basic Strategy Standing vs. Drawing (Hard Hands)
  • Standing vs. Drawing (Soft Hands)
  • Doubling Down (Hard Hands)
  • Doubling Down (Soft Hands)
  • Splitting Pairs
  • Surrender
  • Insurance
  • Basic Strategy, Single-Deck
  • Basic Strategy, Double After Split
  • Basic Strategy, Multiple-Deck
  • Basic Strategy, Atlantic City
  • Player’s Advantage with Basic Strategy
  • Practice Charts for Basic Strategy
  • A Word to the Wise
  • CHAPTER FIVE – The Basic Omega II System
  • The Omega II Count
  • Learning the Omega II Count
  • The Basic Omega II Strategy
  • The -6 Strategy
  • Basic Strategy
  • The +6 Strategy
  • Learning the Basic Omega II Strategy
  • The True Count
  • Learning to Use the True Count
  • The Right Way to Count
  • Betting Your Money
  • When to Increase Your Bet
  • Adjusting the Running Count
  • The Player’s Advantage
  • Player’s Advantage vs. Bet
  • Spread
  • How Long to Play
  • Bankroll, Fluctuations, and Risk Summary
  • CHAPTER SIX – Camouflage
  • How to Be Your Money
  • How Long to Play
  • How Often to Play
  • How to Look Like a Gambler
  • How to Act Like a Gambler
  • How Not to Sweat the Money
  • How and When to Toke
  • How and When to Give it Away
  • How to Play your Cards
  • How to Case a Casino
  • How to Buy In
  • How to Hide Chips
  • How to Count Cash and Checks
  • Playing With a Partner
  • How to Choose a Pit Boss
  • How to Handle Getting Barred
  • How to Remain Anonymous
  • Disguises
  • Summary
  • CHAPTER SEVEN-The Advanced Omega II System
  • Learning the Advanced Omega II Strategy
  • Standing vs. Drawing (Hard Hands)
  • Standing vs. Drawing (Soft Hands)
  • Doubling Down (Hard Hands)
  • Doubling Down (Soft Hands)
  • Splitting Pairs
  • Surrender
  • Insurance
  • Over/Under
  • No Hole-Card Casinos
  • If the Dealer Hits Soft 17
  • Bet Spread Technique
  • Player’s Advantage vs. Bet Spread
  • The Z/ Omega II Gambit
  • Summary
  • CHAPTER EIGHT – The Theory of Gambler’s Ruin
  • Sizing Your Playing Stake
  • Sizing Your Trip Stake
  • Sizing Your Bets
  • Dr. J. and the Perfect Parlay
  • Summary
  • CHAPTER NINE – Special Weapons and Tactics
  • The Free Hit
  • The Bottom Card
  • The Cut Card
  • The Burn Card
  • Warps and Tells
  • End Play
  • The Quadruple Down
  • Team Play
  • The Reno Shuffle
  • Sand Bagging
  • Short Changing
  • Tracking Slugs
  • Computers
  • Casino Promotions
  • Junkets
  • The Five-Card Trick
  • Opportunistic Betting
  • Summary
  • CHAPTER TEN – Casino Cheating
  • CHAPTER ELEVEN- Simulation and Analysis Software
  • Summary
  • EPILOGUE – Some Final Thoughts
  • GLOSSARY – The Language of Casino Twenty-One

About the Author Bryce Carlson

Bryce Carlson is one of the biggest Blackjack players in the U.S. with around 40 years of experience; he wrote the extensive guide to become a professional player: Blackjack for Blood, and shares all the hidden secrets of the game that he got from other great players and from experience.

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