Lottery: A Strategic Approach To Winning Lottery Games by Veronica Stroff

A strategic approach to winning lottery games bookLottery: A Strategic Approach To Winning Lottery Games by Veronica Stroff
Published: 2018

ISBN: 1987689364

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC

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Book Summary

One of the main goals of Veronika Stroff in her book is to provide information that can be translated into possible results. She is not selling a magic formula to discover riches in a night; she goes behind the game and explains the math and numbers that govern each move. The author considers that once the subject is informed about mechanics and probabilities, better decisions are made. The first chapters outline the formulas that are necessary to understand how lottery works. Once this knowledge is set, the reader will find some methods and strategies to win the lottery. There is also valuable information on how to avoid cheaters and scams in lottery so as to continue in the game in a smart and safe way. The 6-number combination to achieve when playing the lottery is the goal every reader is aiming for. Veronika Stroff reminds the readers that it is also important to continue having fun and enjoy the dream-come-true.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1: Math Behind the Game
  3. Chapter 2: Common Theories for Success
  4. Chapter 3: Methods and Strategies
  5. Chapter 4: Tips for success
  6. Conclusion

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