Million Dollar Video Poker by Bob Dancer

Million Dollar Video Poker book by Bob DancerMillion Dollar Video Poker by Bob Dancer
Published: November 2003
ISBN-10: 0929712110
ISBN-13: 978-0929712116
Publisher: Huntington Press
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Book Summary

In his book, Bob Dancer reveals the path of his seven-year journey to living the dream of hitting it big in the casino. He went to Las Vegas with a $6,000 bankroll and won more than $1 million playing Video Poker machines. Dancer recounts how he prepared for those exciting six months and all the ups and downs he faced during this period. He explains how disciplined you need to be and how much effort has to be invested in learning Video Poker perfectly. Perfect is possible in Video Poker and that is what Dancer says the gambler has to aim for. Among the various issues a professional Video Poker player has to handle, Dancer describes strategic thinking, endurance, long hours of practice, math skills and curiosity for solving puzzles. These are some of the ideas developed that can lead you to consider becoming an expert in Video Poker. If you are interested in reading a real story of success and hard work, this book may help you. Dancer explains in detail how being a teacher and professional Video Poker player has kept him researching more and more about the theory and practice of gambling perfectly. A reading option that would take you to seriously consider taking up Video Poker as a lifestyle.

Table of Contents

  1. Part One – The Ins and Out of Video Poker
  2. Part Two – From Backgammon to Big Vegas
  3. Part Three – Bob Dancer, Inc.
  4. Part Four – My Million-Dollar Six Months
  5. Part Five – Winning is a Process, Not an Event

About the Author Bob Dancer

It wasn’t until the first publication of this book that Bob Dancer was widely recognized as an authority in Video Poker. He is now considered an expert in the subject and frequently writes for several magazines and columns (Las Vegas Review, Las Vegas Advisor).

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