Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker By Standford Wong

Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker book by Stanford WongOptimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker By Standford Wong

Published: July 1992 2nd Edition

ISBN-10: 0935926178

ISBN-13: 978-0935926170

Publisher: Pi Yee Press

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Book Summary

Stanford Wong has shed new light to Pai Gow Poker. This publication thoroughly addresses the strategy required by players and bankers alike.A book that is not for total beginners, as it lacks an explanation of the rules of the game. It instead presents a thoughtful explanation of the strategy to follow in every given hand, with a brief explanation afterwards. Experienced players will find these explanations, which are presented in the form of charts, to be very useful to remember in any given situation.It is a book a person with some basic understanding of the game can benefit from, but it surely is more appreciated by the intermediate and advanced players. These players may want to read it for the sole purpose of stepping up their game and take advantage of the many strategies offered here. On the other hand, this is not a book that most would describe as easy to read, as the information on the charts is presented in a somewhat perplexing manner. On the other hand, one can say that the playing guidelines Wong presents are very useful and much easier to retain that the long charts. If you have some experience on the game, it is very possible that you can take what you need out of it. Then this can be a worthwhile read for you.

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About the Author Stanford Wong

Stanford Wong is one of the leading authorities on today’s gambling world. He is very active on the internet and software. When he was a graduate student at Stanford, he had blackjack as his main source of income. He graduated from Stanford and published his first book in 1975.He also published other books about BlackJack, craps, betting and video poker.He now has a website that focuses on strategy discussion on getting an edge on casino games.

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