Roulette Renegade by Brad Jensen

roulette renegade bookRoulette Renegade by Brad Jensen

Puplished: May 25th, 2014

ISBN-10: 1499634900

ISBN-13: 978-1499634907

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Book Summary

In this book Brad Jensen teaches you how to play the game of roulette correctly to help you earn your deserved cash. Brad Jensen had his life changed by the game of roulelette. He wrote a series of methods that stood the test of time. He really wants his readers not only to beat the Casino’s edge, but also have fun doing it. His book tell us a little bit about his background and personal story before he became full time roulette gambler, and all the hardships he went before he decided to act for himself and how it improved his life afterwards.

He covers the strategy of the game, reviews the inner workings of roulette and analyzes the odds of winning. This book contains explanations of widespread strategies to bet on the roulette (including the “James Bond” method) and reviews about how the roulette works on the inside, along with the discussion on Ball landing and guess-work he presents to his readers

Table of Contents

  1. From Humble Beginnings
  2. Why Am I Writing This?
  3. The Strategy
  4. The Game Reviewed
  5. What are the Odds?
  6. Known Betting Strategies
  7. A Note on Ball Landing Guesswork and Similar Strategies
  8. Time-Tested Strategies Gamblers Love
  9. Debunking the Myth of the Ball Watcher
  10. Tips
  11. When To Not Touch the Table
  12. Conclusion

About the Author Brad Jensen

Brad Jensen is an American Author that had an unfruitful life back when he was not gambling. He decided to take the risk and become a successful Roulette gambler after watching a man double his money on video. Now he wants you to experience what it feels like to play roulette with a strategy and purpose.

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