The Frugal Gambler Casino Guide by Jean Scott

The Frugal Gambler Casino Guide by Jean ScottThe Frugal Gambler Casino Guide by Jean Scott
Published: April 2017
ISBN-10: 1944877134
ISBN-13: 978-1944877132
Publisher: Huntington Press
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Book Summary

After writing her first gambling book “The Frugal Gambler” in 1998, Jean Scott thought about retiring from writing and teaching about gambling. But Casino Games changed and evolved, strategies were not the same, new perspectives and methods flourished and Mrs. Scott realized her teaching had to keep up with the times and update her lessons with a new book. This new delivery brings back the good old stuff or her previous books that is still relevant in the casino world. Scott rediscovered her content and chose those methods, positions, and strategies that were still used and successful for nowadays casino life. She added for “The Frugal Gambler Casino Guide” all the updates in electronic drawings, ticket-in-ticket-out systems, and the policies and procedures changes that casinos have made. All this was done and written to help the reader cope with the casino world of today. Different types of gamblers were outlined in her previous work and after receiving some comments of how these labels made people feel she decided to redirect this perspective and talk about the goals and personalities of gamblers in casinos. Her book is a great reading choice for those who are looking at casinos for profit or for fun.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction – Why a New Book?
  2. Chapter 1 – Changing Goals and Challenges
  3. Chapter 2 – Make Math your Friend
  4. Chapter 3 – The Casino-Game Buffet
  5. Chapter 4 – Not Your Grandma’s Slots Anymore
  6. Chapter 5 – Video Poker – My #1 Frugal Choice
  7. Chapter 6 – The Players Club – Your Key to Added Value
  8. Chapter 7 – So Many Promotions – So Little Time
  9. Chapter 8 – Playing the Comp Game
  10. Chapter 9 – When to Walk
  11. Chapter 10 – Show Me the Money
  12. About the Author

About the Author Jean Scott

Jean Scott is a retired high school teacher that decided to continue teaching her second greatest passion “Frugal Gambling”. She is considered one of the most respected minds of Casino Strategies and has appeared on several T.V. shows and conferences in the area.

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