The Gambling Addiction Cure by Michael Johnson

The Gambling Addiction Cure book by Michael JohnsonThe Gambling Addiction Cure – How To Overcome Gambling Addiction And Problem Gambling For Life (Compulsive Gambling, Gamblers, Casino Games, Sports Betting, Poker, Black Jack, Craps, Slots, Roulette) By Michael Johnson
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Book Summary

This is a book dedicated to the millions of people around the world who have some kind of gambling addiction. The gambling and casino business reports millions of dollars in earnings each year, and has entire cities with this activity as their main source of income. But gambling can be addictive if not done with caution. This addiction affects lives all around the world, the finances of addicted gamblers and the wellbeing of their families. This book is not only handy to individuals who are obsessed with gambling, but also to anyone who is having addiction problems of any other kind. It helps the reader rewire addiction, so he or she is not struggling with damaging behavior.

This means that you, as a reader, can learn how to refocus the mechanisms that lead you to seek the thrills related to gambling, and instead, do something equally rewarding instead, but that do not harm you. This is a very strong reason you can recommend this book to others: it can guide you through different approaches to face what makes you being addicted, and then help you find a different outlook and substitute your addictive behavior with more positive ones. Let’s remember that sometimes addicted gamblers can be attracted to other addictive activities, so being prepared can be important, not only to the addicted to gambling. The book will guide you thoroughly across the many types of gambling addictions and the consequences of the lifestyle that accompanies an addicted gambler.If you are a gambler yourself or have been struggling with gambling excessively lately, this is the book for you!

Table of Contents

  1. How To Recognize Your Gambling Problem
  2. How To Get The Right Treatment For Gambling Addiction
  3. How To Overcome Gambling Addiction
  4. Maintaining Your Progress
  5. How To Help A Family Member With A Gambling Problem
  6. How To Prevent A Relapse

About the Author Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson knows how to deliver good advice to overcome addictive behavior. In this, his only contribution until now, he shows that his advice can be used by anyone who wants to overcome harmful behavior that can lead to ruin and broken families.

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