Working with Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling by Liz Karter

Working with Women's groups for problem gambling book by Liz KarterWorking with Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling, by Liz Karter

Published Aug. 7, 2014

ISBN-10: 041585962X
ISBN-13: 978-0415859622

Publisher: Routledge; 1 edition

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Book Summary

In this book about women managing gambling addiction, Liz Karter provides some insight into the reasons why support groups are vital to managing gambling addiction. The author follows the progress of a women’s group for problem gambling during the course of a year. It also suggests that the cure for this problem, in women, lies in relationship. If you want to get a really close look at this problem, from the perspective of therapists, addicted women and specialists this is the book for you. It is known that many of the women that are addicted to gambling relapse. This book demonstrates that the problem does not only revolve around stopping gambling habits. In this handy read, you would understand how do Women’s Groups benefit problem gamblers in the long run.

This book illustrates the problem from a viewpoint that is often overlooked: attachment. It enlightens the reader about all the advantages real-life experiences of others can have on struggling individuals and then it offers a solution. This problem is often confronted alone, so the charm this book offers proves to be really unique. It also lets the reader determine the reasons that make problem gambling an emotional issue, as much as a financial one. Numerous real-life instances exemplify how people try to cope with their problems using gambling to escape their conflicting realities. This material also offers advice for practitioners who want to start their own Women’s Group for Problem Gambling.

Table of Contents

  1. Why do we need Women’s Groups for Problem Gambling?
  2. Meetings in the first two months
  3. Developing themes and relationship
  4. Meeting halfway through the process
  5. Working towards closure
  6. Life after Women’s Group
  7. For the practitioner: starting Women’s Group for Problem Gambling
  1. For the practitioner: what makes a Women’s Group therapist?
  2. References Index

About the Author Liz Karter

Liz Karter was the pioneer specialist that first founded a women group for problem gambling in the UK. She also established her own strategy to fight this addiction, called Level Ground addiction treatment practice.

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