Books on Sportsbetting

Books about Sports Betting

Betting on sports is as old as sports itself. Placing a bet on the outcome of a sport has always attracted a lot of people, it gives a fun twist to the bet because there is a lot of action to watch in the meantime. People usually bet on sports such as baseball, basketball or soccer. There is also the possibility of placing a bet on non-human sports like horse-racing and greyhound-racing.

A lot of controversies has arisen from betting on sports since the scope of the bet has influenced the outcome of the match. It is forbidden for players and managers to bet on sports they are involved with. This would result in a conflict of interests difficult to solve. The legal status of Sports betting changes from one country to another. In many states of The U.S, it was illegal until May 2018 when the Supreme Court ruling in favor of this type of bet was set. Now, New Jersey and Rhode Island are ready to welcome Sports betting.

In Sports betting the bettors must pay in advance and wait for the outcome of the game to cash their bets. When this is not respected bettors acquire debts and this may lead to further problems and issues when trying to cash the money from the reward.

What do reading options have to offer?

Many books on Sports betting try to offer some knowledge and entertainment. The idea is to have fun while placing your bets and enjoy the game, not drowning in the math behind the statistics and probabilities. Some bettors have retired professionally from the activity and they now devote themselves to share what they have learned. A book is a good way to spread knowledge and let others benefit and understand what they have been missing among bets.

The books also focus on handicapping and therefore improve the chances of profit over the long-term. Various methods and applications are explained to make from sports betting a secondary income, or a full-time professional project. The lack of literature on the subject has driven most writers into this desire of offering good articles for the new bettors in the market.

What you’ll get from books on sportsbetting

Any prospective bettor or handicapper should have a nice library at home with some of these books. They will surely be useful to understand how to become a successful bettor, a piece of information that some writers have declared is missing. While there is a lot of general information on how sports betting works, there isn’t enough on the path towards becoming a professional bettor.

Reading books about sports betting will help you clear the information noise that can be found on the Internet. You can learn how to tell what information is useful and what is not. Reading the movement of the lines is essential to ensure you get the best possible betting line available.

Some Popular Sports betting books

  • The Complete Guide to Sports Betting: The six key betting principles that professional bettors use to ensure profit at the sports book. By Kevin Dolan
  • Sharper: A Guide to Modern Sports Betting (Paperback) by True Pokerjoe
  • SPORTS BETTING: What Bookmakers Don’t Want You To Know With 17 Golden Rules Of Betting by Mario Neri